IFO: e-Learning version


Welcome to the Illegal Flow Observation Project Course, E-Learning Version!

The IFO Project has scheduled an e-Learning Version in order to allow Law Enforcement operators from all over the European Union to access the resources of the classes attended in Italy and Spain. Here you can find the links to the Course Modules. Please, note that you need to register in order to access them. It is easy, automatic and fast. It is not only necessary for you to access the contents, but the registration will allow us to update you when new Modules will be available.

You will have a free access to our very innovative training program on the illegal drug trafficking, the one which already took place in Italy and Spain and whose teachers were heads of the security forces, magistrates, teachers from Palermo and Salamanca Universities. The IFO Project Course is innovative not only because has been prepared according to a transnational spirit, but also because it aims to a good mix between legal and sociological studies, supported by the contribution of the main operatives in the field.

Module 1 – Urban Security

Module 2 – The fight against the illegal drug trade according to the supranational law

Module 3 – Geography of the criminal traffics and related investigation techniques

Module 4 – The fight against the illegal drug trade according to the italian law

Module 5 – The fight against the illegal profits

Module 6 – Investigation techniques and experiences

Module 7 – Anti-drug operation analysis

Module 8 – Research methods: textual data analysis, social network analysis, agent-based simulation

Module 9 – Deviant dynamics related to the drug consumption

Module 10 – Pleading tools and international cooperation