The project focuses on the methodological and technological aspects of the new way of conceiving e-learning, considering it a necessary component of a blended-type approach that integrates training managed independently, with collective sessions of comparison and application to the workplace.

The CLIMB focus is custom e-learning that goes beyond the classic e-learning formula as containers of pre-packaged or off-the-shelf courses , based on ad hoc development of training products based on the specific requests of companies and participants, creating tailor- made courses for the beneficiary. 

The concept of adaptive or tailored learning is rooted in the fact that one dimension does not fit all and that learning experiences are strongly related to the business context if not to the individual participants. 

The key point of custom e-learning is the concept of  student-centered , or the idea that  training is centered on the recipient , with the aim of transforming it from a simple user to an architect of the learning path.  


1) Identify learning solutions consistent with the development needs of companies and employees as the priorities of the labor market, economy and society change (VET PRIORITY 1).

CLIMB focus is customization. The aim is to develop specialized know-how on the subject of custom e-learning to identify and propose to the labor market a personalized learning approach, based on the needs and skills gaps of the recipients and on the complexities of an extremely dynamic target with diverse needs and variables.

2) Identify innovative and flexible methodological solutions responding to the skills needs of the labor market (VET PRIORITY 1 and 2).

The concept of flexibility is the basis of customization. We want to develop a flexible intervention methodology applicable to various sizes, shapes, with all kinds of combinations to meet the particular needs of any organization.

3) Identify efficient custom e-learning technological solutions with sustainable production costs (PRIORITY 3).

We focus on the dissemination of models that, in addition to being flexible and tailor-made, are innovative and also characterized by specific technological solutions for custom e-learning (portals and LMS, microlearning, artificial intelligence and gamification) and economically sustainable.

4) Identify models to make the learning experience more effective and engaging. (PRIORITY 1 and 2).

Personalized learning models and environments are sought also through self-assessment sessions, whose priorities are context-specific areas and skills, to guarantee a high level of quality, motivation and effectiveness.


Governance of the project
Analysis of Custom e-learning, blended learning and benchmarking methodologies

Development of Custom e-learning and blended learning prototypes
Field tests and applications and release of prototypes

Communication and dissemination of results

Expected results

The first European guidelines for blended VET training, based on custom e-learning

At least one pilot solution of custom e-learning;

At least one Blended Learning Pilot Solution

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