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Custom e-learning through Innovative Methodologies and Blended training

CLIMB is a project that aims to experiment with innovative methods of personalized e-learning, built on the needs of companies and workers.
We talk about custom e-learning , a new approach to distance learning and training, which goes beyond the traditional scheme of standard, catalog and pre-packaged courses, focusing on training products that are designed starting from the specific needs of a specific target group

We invite you to discover the results of CLIMB project, of the analysis, research and experimentation activities carried out in the partner countries Italy, Greece and Denmark.
They represent important food for thought and methodological indications useful for the creation of an ad hoc training experience for direct (workers, students) and indirect participants (companies in particular).
A training experience that is flexible, responsive to specific needs, stimulating and innovative, through custom e-learning and blended learning.

Activitiy A2 

Analysis of custom e-learning, blended learning and benchmarking methodologies

Activity A3 

Development of custom e-learning and blended learning prototypes

Activity A4

Field testing and application
 of prototypes

ERASMUS + KA210-VET - SMALL-SCALE PARTNERSHIPS IN VOCATIONAL EDUCATION AND TRAINING C.L.I.M.B. Custom Learning through Innovative Methodologies and Blended training

Why and how to Customize e-Learning Experiences

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Welcome to the enlightening world of “Why and How to Customize e-Learning Experiences.” In the realm of modern education, where adaptability and personalized learning are paramount, this eBook delves deep into the art and science of tailoring e-learning journeys to individual needs. Our journey through this eBook is not just an exploration of pedagogical approaches; it’s an invitation to unlock the full potential of learning through customization.

The contemporary educational landscape demands innovative methodologies that resonate with learners on a personal level, enhancing their understanding and retention. As we navigate the pages of this eBook, we will uncover the groundbreaking ERASMUS project “CLIMB Custom E-Learning Through Innovative Methodologies and Blended Learning.” This initiative is an important step of innovation in e-learning by fusing the power of technology with the human touch, ensuring a harmonious blend of cutting-edge digital tools and traditional teaching methods.

Custom e-learning is the innovation that can make distance learning effective and inexpensive, especially for companies.

It is now well established that the lock-down closure in March 2020 unequivocally determined the acceptance of the use of digital as a flexible and indispensable learning tool. In our context of knowledge society, the offer of training and information is abundant; particularly, information is available and accessible at any time — we want it, but it is not sufficient to guarantee a leap in terms of skills and  tranformation at the individual and professional level that a well-done training course can ensure.

The personalization of distance learning is the turning point, namely the necessary condition to guarantee its participants, and in particular employees and companies, high learning performance and an optimal user experience .

Today, in fact, it is no longer possible to think of creating training courses aimed at a wide audience but it is necessary to rethink the offer of distance training, structuring it based on the basic skills of the target group and, above all, on the specific needs of that group.

The CLIMB project intends to provide information in this sense, defining the methodological approach and the resources necessary for the definition of personalized and effective e-learning solutions.

The steps of effective custom e-learning


Analysis of training needs and goal definition

Let's talk about ad hoc training, therefore it starts with the objectives of the specific beneficiaries.


The matrix of skills

Define the specific skills to work on and expected growth levels


Learning experience design

Each course must be a unique and effective learning experience. The CLIMB method designs the best training method each time.


Content selection

CLIMB custom e-learning is centered on the learning process. The contents are selected from those already available.


Activation of the digital platform

The training process is set within the chosen platform for use by the course participants.


Delivery of the course

The activated course is used by the beneficiaries through the platform with the assistance of teachers and tutors on line.


Final skills assessment

At the end of the course, participants must pass the prepared final tests to successfully complete the training course.

Discover the CLIMB results

The project, launched in February 2022, will end in October 2023. We will periodically update you on the results to allow you to share according to the Erasmus + logic for the growth of all.

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Project partners C.L.I.M.B.

Learn more about the project partners from Italy, Denmark and Greece, who share expertise and experience for the successful innovation of custom e-learning. 

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